10 lessons I’ve learned in 2020 as a 20-year-old

Lesson #1: stay childish forever. Never grow up.

1. Stay childish

Back at the days…..
Source: Link

Be a kid and stay a kid.

2. Show your appreciation

3. Open up to vulnerability

4. Be inquisitive

5. Be socially curious

6. Choose what fucks you give wisely

7. You can only have 150 meaningful friendships, so befriend wisely

It’s all a numbers game…..
So much power in one room…. Elon Musk missed the photo-shooting though!

8. Go get lost

9. Think from First Principles

Break it down! Source: Link

10. Compute the Algebra of Happiness

Life does not need calculus….

If you prepare well when you’re young, recognizing the tradeoffs between work and relationships, you will be happier throughout your life



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Jack Chong

I review products, strategy and startups. Twitter: @jackchong_jc