Yes, you can be lazy and productive! Source

How to be lazy AND productive in 2021

From a college student-entrepreneur, the most important tip is #2: Do nothing at all

It’s going to be a while until everyone gets their vaccine….
  • I study and live abroad for several years. Being independent early also means that I become more self-aware.
  • I work in the startup environment (ed-tech, incubator, bio-tech CRO). If you can’t give in your 200% like everyone else, you are not “trying hard”.

What really is productivity?

1. Productivity is not about how productive you look

People who have the least fun aren’t the most productive.

From The Oxford Bodleian Library

2. Productivity is social

We are social animals. We yearn for approval. We strive under interactions.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

3. Productivity is fun

Your marginal productivity drops as you spend more time working without breaks.

Hey you look so calm! <shaking beneath the water>

3 tips to be lazy and productive

1. Sleep

Aim for a deep, long and regular sleep schedule.

What a beautiful day!

2. Do nothing at all

Value solitude over companionship.

From Unsplash

3. Don’t try to do everything

Productivity doesn’t mean doing the most.

From Unsplash



I review products, strategy and startups. Twitter: @jackchong_jc

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Jack Chong

I review products, strategy and startups. Twitter: @jackchong_jc