How life can “cheat” its way out of the heat death of the universe

Yes, life can survive till the end of universe!

In this article, we look into a thought experiment purposed by Freeman Dyson called Eternal Intelligence. I would also argue that intelligence can survive till the end of the universe (with infinite subjective time) only if the following three conditions are true:

  1. The Computational Theory of Mind is true

The three conditions above are not exhaustive. I do mention at the end that recent observation of an accelerating universe might lead to interesting implications on Dyson’s eternal intelligence!

What is the ultimate fate of the universe?

Physicists theorise that…

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Two screens, your phone, and 50 people on the Zoom call. Source: Link

Clean your room, put your phone away and reclaim your identity

2020 is defined by Zoom fatigue. The more we Zoomed in and plug ourselves into the digital world, the harder it is for us to Zoom out.

And no… this is not another article about the Social Dilemma. The attention economy is not all bad: think about how online dating and networking is made much easier now with online profiles such as Instagram, Tinder and LinkedIn.

While we can also easily live a life not giving a fuck, we can’t live a life without the Internet.

This over-reliance on the Internet is really alarming. And I’ve found myself to suffer…

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Lesson #1: stay childish forever. Never grow up.

2020 is the end of the beginning of my journey in life. I turned 20 earlier this year. It’s been hell of a ride from studying abroad, in university, exploring my interests, meeting new people, making mistakes, and COVID.

As it’s time to reflect upon the past 20 years of my life, here are the 10 lessons I’ve learnt for the past 20 years.

1. Stay childish

As a kid, life was much simpler and happier.

I was first acquainted with the “proper” smart gadget world when my parents’ got the first iPad.

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Yes, you can be lazy and productive! Source

From a college student-entrepreneur, the most important tip is #2: Do nothing at all

I am an university student. Honestly, with COVID measures in place, the “college experience” is absolutely terrible.

No socials. No events. Teachings are online.

Worse, with lockdown measures in place, my productivity has dropped significantly.

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Subscription model doesn’t work in the coffee-chain business. With the Pandora Box opened, expect a price war.

In the United Kingdom, Prêt à Manger’s £20/month subscription plan has received a consistently bad reception. That’s a bit rough in my opinion.

As a (former) subscriber, I do think that Pret has overdelivered my expectations of the “subscription experience”. With a month of coffee for free, Pret has converted me from a tea-lover into a freshly minted coffee-addict. How brew-tiful!

Still, is Pret’s subscription worth £20/month?

Furthermore, Pret’s move to copy Netflix’s playbook of subscription model is baffling.

How can Pret make money? Did Pret make a smart move?

Also, why is every business talking about the subscription model?

Here’s what you will learn from this article

A guide for college students, or really, anyone in your 20’s to live a fruitful life

I now am stuck in my hotel room enjoying my 14-day quarantine. As I look back to the past 20 years that I’ve lived (a long way to go!), I’ve realized that I’ve lost my sense of identity, an agency of who I am, and my locus of control.

I’ve been enslaved by the attention economy.

I seek approval from others on Facebook and Instagram.

I care about who I am because I care about what others think of me.

And there is a huge stigma against failures in universities. It’s shameful to talk about failures. …

Surveillance capitalism IS the future. As we spend more time online, there’s NO escape from it.

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Netflix’s latest docudrama, the Social Dilemma, has been on fire 🔥

For those of you that haven’t watched it, the Social Dilemma is about…..

  1. how the Internet’s most popular products (e.g. Google, Facebook, Instagram etc.) track users’ behavior, sell targeted ads and induce addictive user behaviour

Mmhmm developed by Evernote founder, why it will be Zoomed, and how to avoid its Doom

I hate my Zoom calls. Boring. Mmmmmhmmmmm. You too?

As ridiculous as it sounds, Mmmmhmmm is actually a startup.

Mmhmm is the latest project from Evernote founder Phil Libin and All Turtles. To be honest, I don’t even know how many Ms and Hs there are so if I misspell it, just bear with it. Mmhmmmmmm 🤔🤔

I have requested to be put on the waiting list for its Beta. …

Pay $1500+ to work for free in a company halfway across the world. Would you?

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This article originally appeared on the Oxford Blue and was co-written by Jack Chong (me) and Phoebe Hennel

In April, we received a rather alluring email from TARGETjobs.

At the header, a model sat smiling in a tropical location, posing with her Microsoft Surface Pro.

“From Silicon Valley tech startups to Bali-based social enterprises, get an international internship experience for organisations — anywhere in the world.”

6 Questions for Microsoft for the upcoming acquisition of TikTok

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What’s ticking in the tech news every day? Trump’s ban on Tiktok. It will be in effect in 40 days on the 15th September. What’s more? His restriction on Bytedance (Tiktok’s mother company) and Wechat (owned by Tencent). From the Silicon Valley to Washington, from Delhi to Beijing, everyone is watching the Microsoft/Tiktok deal.

Jack Chong

I review products, strategy and startups. Twitter: @jackchong_jc

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